Warmachine product line info

Privateer Press has announced the product line details for its greatly anticipated Warmachine miniatures combat game. This March, a year after our first glipse of the game at GTS ’02, the first in “an ongoing series of monthly product releases” will hit stores with all the brute force it can muster (which should be considerable; these figures are nice). This will be after the game’s initial release in February, of course. The full details are in the press release, below:

WARMACHINE, which has it’s initial release this February with four Battle-group Box Sets, is a 30mm tabletop miniatures battle game where players take on the role of elite soldier-sorcerers known as a Warcasters™. While the Warcasters are a formidable force on the battlefield, their true strength is in their ability to magically control and coordinate the mighty warjacks™ massive steam-powered combat automatons that represent the pinnacle of military might in the Iron Kingdoms world.


Ø The WARMACHINE Core Rulebook / PIP01001 / $14.99

· Soft-cover, 120pg, B&W with a full color modeling section

· This book provides the full rules for playing WARMACHINE battles of all sizes, from individual Warcaster Battlegroup ‘Duels’ to all out mass warfare, with multiple Warcasters, dozens of warjacks, and scores of infantry and special characters.

· The core rulebook also provides you with an in-depth background of the Iron Kingdoms and the history that brought arcane magic and steam powered machines together on the battlefield.

· Over a dozen characters, warjacks, and other units are described in detail for each WARMACHINE army, including individual stats and artwork from the award-winning Privateer Press art staff and several industry favorite guest artists.

· Also included is a full modeling section, assembled and written by the master of miniature modeling, Mike McVey. Paint schemes, modeling techniques, and a museum of amazing diorama photos are presented in full color.

· This WARMACHINE Core Rulebook will give you everything you need to know to build, assemble, and customize your army as you prepare to wage war against your enemies for months to come!

Ø Troops and Characters, five new blisters to add to your WARMACHINE army. Each character models come with a profile card.

· Cygnar™ Mechanik & Goblin Bodger (2 models / PIP31002 / $6.99): No Cygnar force can be complete without a team of combat mechanics, able to repair damaged warjacks™ in the heat battle. Profile card included.

· Goblin Bodgers (2 models / PIP31003 / $5.99): Goblin Bodgers are the loyal and skilled assistants to the Cygnar Mechanik. No mechanic sets foot on the battlefield without several bodgers in his crew.

· Cryx™ Necro-Tech & Scrap Thrall (2 models / PIP34002 / $8.99): Necro-Techs are the insidious creators of the many mechanical aberrations in the Cryx army. This foul, bloated creature scavenges wrecked warjacks in the midst of battle to acquire spare parts with which the Necro-Tech assembles walking, undead bombs! Profile card included.

· Cryx Scrap Thrall (3 models / PIP34003 / $7.99): Built during battle by the insidious Necro-Techs, Scrap Thrall are undead drones, packed with enough explosives to blow a warjack to bits.

· Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, Mercenary (1 model / PIP41001 / $7.99): Loyal only to her own convictions, the Mage Hunter character sells her sword and crossbow to any army that provides an opportunity to eliminate a Warcaster™ from her world. Profile card included.

Ø Warjacks, tailor your army to your own design with these individually packaged versions of the warjacks found within the Battlegroup Box sets. Each warjack comes with a profile card for use in WARMACHINE.

· Heavy Warjack – Cygnar Ironclad (1 heavy warjack / PIP31004 / $19.99): Armed with the mighty Quake Hammer, the Ironclad is the spine of the Cygnar’s warjack fighting force.

· Heavy Warjack – Menoth™ Crusader (1 heavy warjack / PIP32002 / $19.99): Fire and destruction reign from the Crusader’s Inferno Mace as it brings the word of the Old Faith to those who have turned their backs on Menoth.

· Heavy Warjack – Khador™ Juggernaut (1 heavy warjack / PIP33002 / $19.99): Few opponents dare challenge the might of the Juggernaut, able to freeze an opponent with a slice of its Ice Axe or rend one to pieces with its massive, steam powered fist.

· Heavy Warjack – Khador Destroyer (1 heavy warjack / PIP33003 / $19.99): Armed with the formidable Bombard cannon, the Destroyer can bring a fortress to the ground as easily as an opponent to his knees.

· Heavy Warjack – Cryx Slayer (1 heavy warjack / PIP34004 / $19.99): Two pairs of corrosive claws flash like lightning before anyone foolish enough to face the terrifying Slayer Helljack.

· Light Warjack – Cygnar Charger (1 light warjack / PIP31005 / $11.99): Fast, nimble and equipped with the repeating Dual Cannon, the Charger is a favorite among Cygnar commanders who favor the advantage of range.

· Light Warjack – Cygnar Repenter (1 light warjack / PIP31006 / $12.99): Extra armor and the spell-channeling node make the Lancer an essential part of any Warcaster’s battle group.

· Light Warjack – Menoth Repenter (1 light warjack / PIP32003 / $11.99): The alchemical concoction known as Menoth’s Fury erupts from the Flame Cannon of the devastating light warjack.

· Light Warjack – Menoth Revenger (1 light warjack / PIP32004 / $12.99): Wielding a halberd and the impenetrable Repulser shield, the Revenger is also equipped with a spell-channeling arc node, making it effective in close combat or providing magical support across the battlefield.

· Light Warjacks – Cryx Deathrippers (2 models / PIP34005 / $12.99): Where the machine ends and the dead remains of men and animals begin on the horrific Deathrippers, no one but its Necro-Tech creator knows.

· Light Warjacks – Cryx Defilers (2 models / PIP34006 / $12.99): Armed with an acid-spewing cannon, the Defilers provide terrifying mid-range support for any Cryx force.

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