Gold Rush panning out soon

December 25th, 2002: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Gold Rush panning out soon

Despite fighting illness and the tasks of the holidays, Gold Rush Games has plans moving forward on multiple products. The d20 city sourcebook, The Village of Briarton, is on schedule for a February release. Written by Patrick Sweeney (Terra Primate, Monster Island) and Christina Stiles, the book promises many numbers: 48 (villagers), 11 (places of business), 6 (new spells), 2 (deities), 2 (domains), 1 (new monster). A new historical RPG, based in the time of America’s war for independence, is also in the works at GRG. Called Patriots, no specific completion date is estimated yet, though it looks to be following in the footsteps of Sengoku.

Then there’s this tidbit about GRG’s upcoming War of the Worlds Sourcebook:

We are still finalizing things with Pendragon Pictures concerning our licensing the use of the production art from their upcoming War of the Worlds movie.

[…] I’ve sent the desired art list to Mr. Hines at Pendragon Pictures. Once things are finalized and the art comes in we’re going to insert it into the layout and rush this puppy to the printer!

There’s a new War of the Worlds movie in the works? What the…? Where was I when that announcement came along? And will they promise to keep John Travolta out of it?


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