WizKids Invites you to their Headquarters

Ok, not all of you at once. It’s more like a contest kind of thing. WizKids has decided to conduct the Four Shards of the Amulet contest along with their new Mage Knight: Uprising expansion. Here’s the deal:

The goal of the contest is to be the first player or team of players to bring together four of the incredibly rare shards to form the complete Amulet. The pieces will be randomly inserted into Mage Knight: Uprising booster packs and distributed worldwide. The first team to submit a complete Amulet to the WizKids office in Bellevue, Wash., will win the grand prize.

Sound like the Four Horsemen contest to anyone else? Winners get to come to Washington and schmooze with the WizKids biggies and help design new Mage Knight figures. Check out the WizKids page for the full Skinny.