Iron Crown Keeps the Free Stuff Coming

The ever expanding Iron Crown page grew dramatically last week. Besides offering a whole bunch of new Rolemaster logo stuff at their Cafepress site, here are a few of the new updates:

  • A complete ICE product list (less the ever-sticky Middle Earth stuff).
  • ICE-related articles posted on The Guild Companion from December 1998 to December 1999.
  • A thirteen page PDF preview of art from Shadow World Master Atlas, 4th Ed. This book will be a glorious thing to behold. Check out the preview along with all kinds of other RoleMaster loot.
  • Random Treasure and Herb Generator Created by Randy Severance, this MS Excel utility randomly generates… um, treasures and herbs for your RoleMaster adventures.

    For a company that almost went belly up just a year ago, Iron Crown just keeps raging on.