February 14th, 2003: Allan Sugarbaker says...

The uproar today in the d20 portion of the industry is WotC‘s recent changes to the System Reference Document, which tells all the d20 publishers out there what they can and can’t make use of from established D&D rules. Why the concern? Well, apparently several creatures that were in the old version of the SRD are now conspicuously absent, which would seem to say non-WotC game developers can’t use them anymore. Missing in action from the revised SRD are the Beholder, Carrion Crawler, Displacer Beast, Kuo-toa, Mind Flayer, Slaad, Umber Hulk, and Yuan-ti. What will this mean for upcoming products such as Goodman GamesComplete Guide to Beholders (recently announced to distributors)? Damn good question, I’d say.


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