Live from DunDraCon

Yeah, there’s actually some news: nothing short of a potential new hit, in fact. Citizen Games’ Dungeoneer is a common sight on bar tables and floor corners as I write this – incidentally, I write this via a wireless Internet connection in the Marriott lobby. (Attention GAMA: how about leasing a DSL line and borrowing a wireless router for Origins? We are geeks, you know.)

Dungeoneer is a two-to-four-player tile-based floors-and-corridors kinda card game, that plays like Talisman on speed, with an elegant mechanic for throwing N points of monsters at someone depending on how much danger they’ve accumulated in their dungeon wanderings. No, it’s not collectible. The art’s gorgeous and… well, you get used to the card design. And you can buy four of them for the price of the Talisman reprint!

In other news, Tom Jolly’s Light Speed (evidently too new to have a web page) has gotten a gorgeous full-color treatment from Cheapass’ Hip Pocket line. However, Tom notes that his request to add a line saying that the game’s perfectly playable as a turn-based game, rather than real time, didn’t get represented in the final product. So, if the real-time thing bothers you, buy this anyway, so Tom can buy more things. Everyone likes… things.