White Wolf does WarCraft

I’m surprised this didn’t come out more loudly at GTS – but maybe that’s because WotC’s old Blizzard-licensed RPGs were so poor. My interpretation of this blurb is that this new hardcover (street date: July) will take after WarCraft III’s integration of role-playing elements. Imagine a tabletop RPG in which you controlled whole squads in combat, and only incidentally a hero… I have no reason to expect anything that interesting, but we can hope.


  1. Wow, they’re really giving this the soft sell. One interesting thing not in the report we found, though, is that they’re publishing this “in association with Wizards of the Coast.” I guess the d20-logo-free thing they did with EverQuest didn’t work out so well in their opinion.

  2. Well, I don’t know about the EverQuest sale being strong or worse (unless someone can show me the report), although the delayed release of the Gamemaster’s Guide and Monsters of Norrath may have something to do with it (GM Guide went on sale over four months after the debut of the EQ Player’s Handbook).

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