Look! A monkey!

Get it, ’cause um, diversions? Politically Incorrect Games brings you genreDiversion Quick Fix Games, “[q]uick-play rules with specific genres for times when you need a break from the extended campaign”. You know, it’s odd how this is a really good idea and a really tough sell at the same time – I think I’ve written before about how most RPGers need games that don’t require huge numbers of players, huge amounts of time, or rely on consistent attendance. Most gamers don’t want to admit any of this, though, and have stars in their eyes for the Big Campaign. Maybe these games would be more attractive if they weren’t described and packaged like game worlds rather than one-shots – “HardNova Space Opera,” “Ghost Stories”? Those sound like whole settings. Yeah, I know, they’re supposed to be extensible into whole settings. It’s a fine line to walk, I guess.