Crisis on Infinite RPGs

Hero Games and just announced plans to publish a “shared-universe crossover adventure” for their respective superhero RPGs, Champions and Silver Age Sentinels. The crossover book, Reality Storm: When Worlds Collide will debut in late July at GenCon Indy. According to the release, “Dr. Destroyer and Kreuzritter team-up to conquer both universes! The heroes from Champions’ Millennium City and Silver Age Sentinels’ Empire City must join forces to save their worlds, but can they put aside their differences to work together or will they destroy each other first?” Ah, the eternal crossover conundrum. Naturally, Reality Storm will feature detailed system conversion notes for switching between Tri-Stat and the HERO System. Ultimately, Hero Games will step up and do the publishing. My question is this: will the cover be some version of Superman holding a dead Supergirl in his arms? And if not, why not?