Set your VCRs, CAH is here

The print version of Cartoon Action Hour, brought to you by the fine folks at Z-Man Games and Spectrum Game Studios, has shipped to stores. Many gamers bought the PDF version around a year ago, allowing them to adventure within their favorite 1980s action cartoon. So, what does the new print version offer that makes it worth buying? Nearly 100 more pages of optional rules, source materials, campaign seeds, and other cartoon goodness, all for just $24.95. I haven’t tried either version yet, but from looking through the print version, CAH looks like a keeper. I’m still mildly intrigued by the thought of using this for roleplaying the old D&D cartoon, or Pokémon, or perhaps the Rankin-Bass edition of Lord of the Rings, with all the rotoscoping. Yes, I’m sick, I know.