Online tools for your dead-CCG obsession

April 27th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Online tools for your dead-CCG obsession

CCG Workshop is an online purveyor of the cardboard crack of the past, and allegedly the future. Games currently playable online include DoomTrooper (if I’d known, I might not have spent five dollars on those five pounds of cards over the weekend), Wildstorms, BattleTech CCG, Kult, NetRunner (yaaaaay!), Shadowrun CCG, and the deadest of them all: Mythos. Those of you who don’t share my obsession with the lamented and/or lamentable CCGs of our history might be interested in the extensible gaming engine that allows for original, new games. They may be walking the line between good and evil when it comes to copyright, even though the games they’re serving up thus far are no longer in print – and it’s ambiguous as to whether they’ll be charging for their service in the future. So download now or frown loads later.


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