d20 Weekly Passes On

May 30th, 2003: Allan Sugarbaker says...
d20 Weekly Passes On

Steve Jackson Games has called a halt to its newest online subscription magazine, d20 Weekly. The man himself, Steve Jackson, made the announcement:

The current (May 28, 2003) issue of d20 Weekly will be the last. We’re glad we tried it, and we published quite a few articles that we’re very proud of, but in the end it just didn’t find its audience. We’ll put the effort, and the money it was losing, into other projects.

Jackson went on to describe the options current subscribers have, and to thank d20 Weekly editors Dale Donovan and Steve Miller, among others (for the full announcement, click “Read more”). The end of d20 Weekly might go a long way to prove that subscription-based d20 projects have too much competition from standard and free sources to be viable. But then again, both Dragon and Dungeon seem to be doing okay.

The End Of D20 Weekly (full announcement)


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