Early Test of Testament

As I mentioned shortly after GTS, Green Ronin is bringing us a d20 setting of biblical proportions. Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era is intended to be “part history, part mythology,” placing characters in the world of the Old Testament. The product announcement does it better justice than I:

Play a wandering Babylonian magus, a sorcerer in the service of Pharaoh, a Canaanite maker of idols, or a prophet of the God of Israel. Walk the streets of ancient Jerusalem, stand beside King David as one of his Mighty Men, smite Philistines, ponder the mysteries of gargantuan tombs, look upon the dwellings of the gods, and battle demons, dragons, plagues, and the legendary beasts of Babylon.

Not fully enticed yet? Then go check out the related web goodies and peruse the two PDF previews. I can’t wait to see what armor class Goliath is. That had to have been a critical, no two ways about it.