WotC Calms v3.5 Jitters

In an announcement that was surely designed to calm nervous gamers, Wizards of the Coast made it clear today that next month’s release of D&D 3.5 will not invalidate the WotC rulebooks. Or at least, in cases where things get changed, a free backward-compatibility guide will be available to straighten things out. The freely-downloadable guide will address the necessary revisions for the Fiend Folio, Manual of the Planes, Deities and Demigods, Monster Manual II and the Epic Level Handbook. The compatibility guide will become available at the same time the core rulebooks hit the streets. Click “Read more” for the full announcement, if you like.

Wizards of the Coast press release follows:


  1. Honestly, I don’t know what all the jittery fuss about. It’s not like my D&D game is going to suffer if I don’t buy the core rulebooks upgrade. My gawd, it’s the Y2K hysteria all over again.

  2. Pat: I don’t actually see the announcement posted anywhere on the WotC site. Apparently it was only sent to their news list.

    Dai: There is a jittery fuss going on, isn’t there? I think the main concern most folks have is that all future D&D3e products will rely on v3.5, so to use any of those they’ll have to upgrade to 3.5. At that point, folks are worried that all their previous purchases would need upgrading with new, as-yet-unannounced 3.5 versions. Those are the concerns that WotC’s announcement seems designed to address.

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