Your organism is important to me

As Mr. Ernest mentioned in our interview, Cheapass is a third computer game from the Digital Eel folks. What we didn’t know is that the demo’s available now, which I noticed over at Slashdot. Anyway, Dr. Blob’s Organism is like a cross between Tempest and those Life screensavers that look like a bunch of pixelly bacteria. The demo runs chunky as hell on my machine, so if you figure something out about what it needs, post a comment, ‘k?

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  1. Minimum System Requirements:
    Pentium II 350MHz (600MHz or better recommended)
    64M RAM
    Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
    DirectX 6
    OpenGL 1.1 compatible video card
    DirectX compatible sound card
    32M of free hard drive space

    We haven’t had any reports of the game running too slow or chunking so check the system requirements. You must have a video card installed which supports OpenGL, for example. To be sure that the game will run on your PC try out the Dr. Blob’s Organism free demo first.

    -RC 07.16.03

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