Live from GenCon: WotC setting winner announced

Apparently only a couple of us news types managed to hear about the WotC plan to announce the setting search contest winning entry, Eberron, and only a few press were present for the announcement. I never heard about it, so I’ll quote the press release that was in the press room today:

In August 2004, D&D players can enjoy an entirely new world of medieval fantasy to game in: Eberron‘s rich, racially diverse culture, forged in war, has a magically industrial edge that expands the traditional D&D universe, offering players new, exciting possibilities. Created by Keith Baker, Eberron is being developed for roleplaying games, novels, miniatures, and electronic games.

Some of the new setting’s features will include new character races like shifters and changelings; new feats like Bond Armor, Dragon Totem, and Right of Counsel; the Inquisitive, “an urban detective prestige class; and the use of the Action Point System originally used in d20 Modern. All sounds pretty cool. I’m just surprised that WotC didn’t make more noise about it; several other news guys I talked to said it slipped right by them.