Mediocre news comes in threes: White Wolf kills World of Darkness, sort of

Even bigger than the rumored announcement of a product with no colon in its title (Anthony at the store came up with that joke, although he seems to have forgotten about Exalted), White Wolf announces the Time of Judgement. When I saw they were casting this as a “Year of _____” storyline event, I suspected the worst – it happens in comics too often. “Hey, let’s kill off Superman, get a bunch of media attention, then bring him right back.” The press release says, however, that they will be neither continuing nor reprinting the World of Darkness lines after next March, with the exception of the Dark Ages books. Uh-huh. Quoth WW President Mike Tinney: “What will ultimately follow is going to be wholly different. A new and compelling setting.” Uh-huh again. How much ya wanna bet that there will be a bunch of clans in it who all have different powers, secretly run the world, and hate each other? And that there will be colons?

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  1. Without a doubt, the smartest move White Wolf have made since the establishment of their game company.

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