GenCon wrap-up: FFG keeps busy

July 30th, 2003: Allan Sugarbaker says...
GenCon wrap-up: FFG keeps busy

Fantasy Flight Games was having brisk sales on the new A Game of Thrones boardgame. The same box size as the Lord of the Rings game, the $40 product pits 3-5 players against each other in a… um… game of… thrones… uh, yeah. Not only could gamers take control of one of the houses in the boardgame, the new Ice & Fire set for the A Game of Thrones CCG offered a starter for each house and 240 cards, 200 of them new. Of the starters, House Lannister sold out by early Saturday.

For the d20 inclined, Legends & Lairs: Cityworks is the latest installment for the hardcover D&D resource line. Written by Mike Mearls, Cityworks goes into great detail on setting up those urban centers of commerse your thief wants to visit so bad. Also a new d20 release, Redline is the first of FFG’s new mini-games line, in the general style of Polyhedron. To bring Mad Max to the d20 Modern game… well, ya gotta admit, that’s a no brainer.

Finally, an oversized promotional box for Warcraft: The Boardgame was on display behind the counter in the middle of FFG’s booth. Due this fall, all I know about it is that FFG’s Greg Benage said “It plays like a tabletop version of the computer game.” I hope it’ll have something more than that going for it. Seems like everyone has a new adaptation of a PC game these days.


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