GenCon wrap-up: Space – the revisited frontier

Darkfuries Publishing had its impressive Masterwork Maps d20 title, Inns & Taverns, in all its print-format glory. The pages were packed with extremely detailed maps for food and lodging establishments of all sizes — damn useful stuff in and of itself. Combine that with authentic, old world recipes in the original olde English, and Inns & Taverns is an outstanding resource for fantasy GMs. Darkfuries was also attempting to bring in sales from the Spelljammer fans with Aether & Flux: Sailing the Traverse, which brings space galleons to D&D once again. Cut out miniature tokens are provided for use with the space combat system, directly extrapolated from d20’s aerial combat rules. A PDF will be along in a month or so that converts all the old Spelljammer ships to d20 stats, making Sailing the Traverse a winner for space fantasy fans.