GenCon wrap-up: Warriors… come out to play-ay…

Just in time for GenCon, Skirmisher Publishing rolled out the sequel to their acclaimed d20 supplement on an NPC class, Experts. The new book, Warriors, is 126 pages of the same approach, only focused on the more combat inclined NPC class. Jumping over to the company’s website, I found even more details:

  • The book has sixteen military prestige classes, including the Aerial Cavalryman, Charioteer, Combat Engineer, Executioner, Marine, Mechanist Infantry, Mountaineer, and Sheriff.
  • More than 30 military subtypes, including archers, artillerists, beast handlers, cavalrymen, infantrymen, medics, pathfinders, peasant levies, provosts, and templars.
  • Nine non-military subtypes, including bandits, barkeeps, thugs, and traders.
  • New weapons, armor, and equipment, […] siege engines, balloons and blimps, and guidelines for incorporating high-technology weapons into a fantasy campaign.
  • Sixteen new spells, more than 80 new magic items and five new weapon special abilities.

Warriors also provides guidelines for heraldry, large war beasts, combat with chariots, over twenty NPCs, a few monsters, two dozen skills, close to twenty feats… seems like Skirmisher’s all over this NPC class.

More Skirmisher products are waiting in the wings, too. Nuisances will be the company’s flagship product next year, and two adventure-oriented products will round out the catalog: Tests of Skill and a yet-to-be-named book of paladin’s quest ideas. If the quality of d20 rules continues, all three are likely to be strong additions to any D&D campaign.