GenCon wrap-up: Flesh and Magic

August 1st, 2003: Allan Sugarbaker says...
GenCon wrap-up: Flesh and Magic

No, this isn’t about the Book of Erotic Fantasy. I’ll get to that shortly.

In the meantime, let me give you my impression of Eden Studios this year: a company on the verge of becoming huge. With the Army of Darkness RPG planned for October, and the CCG as well, and the Buffy TV juggernaut having ended, I’d imagine Eden is casting about for another big property to ride. The convention’s new releases were still intriguing: The Book of Archetypes, a short supplement for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, provided a few dozen new character choices, including the Stripper and the Porn Producer; and The Magic Box, the new Buffy RPG book, dives headlong into the mystic side of the property, breaking the spell selection down by the seasons they aired. I’m sure Buffy will continue to do well for a while, as will AFMBE, but Army of Darkness is likely to be a big hit that fades away (a very cool one, but still… ). I just kept thinking that Eden is on the prowl for that next huge something. We’ll see, I guess.


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