GenCon wrap-up: Make him a CCG he can’t refuse

Myth Intentions was showing off the DON CCG, the mob card game which becomes available as boosters in October. (Oh, wait, they called it a CCE, for Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Whatever.) Not sure what to think of that one. Though the planned Decco expansion, a Miami Vice-style set, will arrive in booster form in January ’04, I’ve got an issue with what I’ve seen so far. My buddy Steve picked up a copy of the starter deck, which uses staged black-and-white photos rather than illustrations. After flipping through it, we remained largely unimpressed with the graphics presented (only two or three models were used for the whole thing, if I remember correctly). The game system, however, is something we have yet to test drive, so our opinions may change after exploring it.


  1. You are way off, Allan. The game is very cool looking and fits the gangster style. Pretty cool to play also. You use rackets to get money and get associates to attack the other players. You have to use an action list that takes a couple of games to memorize but its not a major drawback. I bought it in NJ this weekend and we’re into the lingo and the look. Dave

  2. Dave: Ah, New Jersey… “The land of mobsters and toxic waste!” as a friend of mine (who lives there) once put it. No wonder you’re enjoying the game so much! =) And it does sound like fun… Is it a board game or do you just use cards?

  3. Doh! *Note to Self: Remember to read main post thoroughly next time before asking dumb questions.* 😉

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