GenCon wrap-up: Goodman builds toward Autumn

Though their anticipated release of the Complete Guide to Beholders, co-written by Keith Baker (the WotC setting contest winner), didn’t make it to the show in time, Goodman Games has big plans. Looming on the horizon are a number of products nearing completion that will hit stores in the next few months, including three hardcover supplements.

Complete Guide to Beholders coverMonsters of the Boundless Blue: The Wanderers Guild Guide to Aquatic Organisms, easily a contender for longest product name, will follow on the heels of the ENnie nominated Monsters of the Endless Dark later this month with 64 pages of water-bound beasts for $18. The Morningstar Fantasy Setting, another of the runners-up in WotC’s setting contest, will arrive as a 160-page hardback in September, with a pricetag of $30. The Underdark Adventure Guide, co-authored by fan favorite Mike Mearls, will also arrive in September, another 160-page hardback for $30.

Finally, Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor, a 224-page hardback, will herald the return of his classic D&D campaign setting in September, for a mere $35. Now, according to the Goodman Games website, an exclusive GenCon release, Dungeon Crawl Classics #3.5: The Haunted Lighthouse by Dave Arneson, was available at the con, and Arneson himself made some signing appearances at the booth. I went by the booth a few times during the show, and never heard any mention of said exclusive product, thereby missing out on it. Perhaps one day I’ll forgive them.