CyberNet thrown on industry by Mongoose

The collection of companies with openly licenced games grows ever larger. Mongoose has announced its upcoming D20 CyberNet core rulebook, due in October, will be released under the Open Game Licence, and that other publishers can contact Mongoose to be allowed to start using CyberNet in their own publications. As the press release below states, an electronic copy of the rulebook and logo will be provided to interested parties, who only have to be publishing already to qualify. Okay, not news that directly affects that many of us, but it could mean we’ll be seeing CyberNet products all over the place soon. Mongoose also plans to extend the offer to D20 Horror, D20 Steampunk and D20 Ancients when they’re ready for prime time. Gee, Mongoose is resembling WotC more and more every day…

Mongoose Publishing press release follows:

D20 CyberNet – Royalty Free Licence

In October, Mongoose Publishing is releasing the first in what will be a set of core rulebooks. D20 CyberNet has been designed as a definitive set of rules covering all aspects of cyberpunk roleplaying, from character creation, occupations and equipment, to the very latest in cyberware and webruns. Released under the Open Game Licence, it is a veritable treasure trove of near future roleplaying.

However, we decided not to stop there – as the game itself is released under the Open Game Licence, we have decided to open this line of core rulebooks right up to other publishers. Any publisher contacting us (at is welcome to an electronic copy of the CyberNet rulebook, as well as free use of the CyberNet logo (which we will provide). In this way, other publishers can take advantage of one of Mongoose’s main lines and the print runs that go with it. In effect, this is a royalty-free, world-wide licence to use CyberNet in your own publications – all we want to know in return is who you are. If you are already a publisher, you know how this works.

Please note that the one condition we make is that you have already published something – however, we welcome PDF publishers to contact us.

As I said before, this is a stand alone core rulebook that requires no other for play – all the rules you need to start playing cyberpunk scenarios are included. Over the next few months, a range of core rulebooks will become available from Mongoose Publishing, all available for use under this royalty-free licence, including D20 Horror, D20 Steampunk and D20 Ancients.

Full updates on these rulebooks will be appearing on our web site over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing