Living Room plans Street Fighter, other CAPCOM RPGs

As you can see from the full press release below, Living Room Games has snagged the license to put out tabletop RPGs based on some of the classic CAPCOM video games. This means that sometime next year, we’ll start seeing RPGs for Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Final Fight, and Rival Schools. If Living Room Games’ energetic support of Earthdawn is any indication, CAPCOM’s properties are in good hands, and are sure to fare better than the White Wolf Street Fighter attempt of the early ’90s.

Living Room Games press release follows:


  1. What I want to know is: where is the Final Fantasy tabletop RPG that could potentially open up the RPG market in this decade the way Vampire opened it up in the last decade?

  2. Sounds like Squaresoft does not want to take any risk of investing their IP in anything other than the video/computer game medium, after the CG-animated film that bombed in the theater’s box office.

    So far, only Sony Online Entertainment have taken the plunge by licensing out their EVERQUEST brand to Sword & Sorcery Studio, who is following up with a revival of WARCRAFT RPG (and quite possibly STARCRAFT).

  3. Andy: if you’re at liberty to discuss it at all, what caused the game to crash and burn? I’ve got almost zero information on the game, which seemed to only be available for an instant.

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