WarCraft RPG to add war in upcoming supplement

The anonymous comment at the end of this review of Sword and Sorcery’s WarCraft RPG claims that the mass combat system in the upcoming/available-now-if-you-like-PDFs Malhavoc book Cry Havoc will be included in a future WarCraft supplement. That’s pretty much rumor, and should be treated as such. Presumably, there will eventually be a WCRPG supplement for craft as well. You know… um… baskets. War baskets.


  1. It’s not a rumor. Skip Williams said they were going to in the Cry Havoc chat a month(?) ago. And I remember seeing it in some add copy somewhere. Makes sense. Both are being put out by Sword & Sorcery and Cry Havoc is mostly open-content…

  2. From my perspective, since Skip “The Sage” Williams were employed by TSR, he may have been exposed to many previous mass combat systems, including BATTLESYSTEM (1st and 2nd Editions), BATTLESYSTEM: SKIRMISHES, and PLAYER’S OPTION: Combat & Tactics. I mean, his summary explanation of the mechanics bears resemblance to the products I mentioned. Anyway, I welcome his product (I believed his first since his layoff at WotC) as well as the long-awaited FIELDS OF BLOOD: THE BOOK OF WAR by Eden Studios.

  3. It’s also stated in the ad copy right in the Warcraft RPG rulebook. The final page has ads for upcoming products, and the ad directly says that the mass combat rules will come from “Cry Havoc.”

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