More WarCraft thoughts, or: I really need to buy someone in Michigan a drink

Our WarCraft board game story got picked up by Slashdot yesterday, and I found some stuff to say there, because even in the less-trafficked areas, where intelligence has a shot at shining through, Slashdot is always a reliable wellspring of hot and cold running stupid. People there seem to actually believe that a WarCraft board game will stimulate interest in Warhammer 40K, and further, that Starcraft is some kind of 40K ripoff. How they started talking about Starcraft, I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong: maybe turning elves into wacky armored fancy guys isn’t the sole completely obvious thing to do when you take a fantasy setting and turn it into sci-fi. In any case, the other WH rantings on the thread reveal, to my eye anyway, that video game players really do see us the way we see them. They look at our profusion of boards with little plastic dudes all over them and it doesn’t even occur to them that there might be huge vistas of emergent gameplay and behavior – that our games might not only have value, but be different from one another. Of course, as in the video games arena, our chainmail boobs are not helping us.

I looked for some info on when the game will be shipping, just so I could pretend I have some news, but there’s still nothing really firm on that from FFG. First week of November seems reasonable, and would certainly fit my lifestyle.