A glimpse into the madness that is RPGA

Allan and I have never been RPGA types, and organized D&D play has never really made sense to me. If this page at GR is any indication, it’s making less sense to other folks as well. But wasn’t this the mainstay of OrganizedPlay’s business? Should Ryan Dancey be allowed to have time on his hands?

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  1. Organized D&D (and other RPGs) gaming.. that is, official tournaments which supposedly passed some editorial muster, was and is a good idea. The “Living ” isn’t (IMHO), but I suppose a lot of people like it. I was a long-time RPGA member during the 80s, but I let my membership languish during the 90s. I tried to get back into the swing of things at DragonCon a couple of years ago, but the scenario was so bad that even my players couldn’t stand the scenario.

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