*snrt* I’m awake!

Right, so, Allan’s been at the other Gen Con and now he’s at the other thing in Anaheim and we haven’t been posting really. Apparently the only news from the show is that a bunch of retailers and publishers are kinda pissed off. That, and some computer game stuff: Blizzard chose the show to unveil a bunch of details on World of WarCraft, which has a good shot at being the next fantasy online game of choice in my opinion. You’ll just have to have hardware that could arm wrestle RoboCop to run the thing, is all.

We aim to have our last 12 Games Of list for you in the next couple days. Don’t worry, it’s the PDF list; downloadables mean you don’t have to budget much shopping time.


  1. All in all, Gencon Socal was pretty fun. Attendence was really low, and perhaps the large space made it feel even lower. We were all really spread out. People really seemed to have fun at the big magic grand prix, with something like 300 people entering.

    Anywho, I will give them a second shot but would really like to see them change it to January of feb…

  2. What about the week after Christmas and before New Year? That’s a good time for anyone who want to vacation SoCal.

  3. Yes, but the con isn’t a destination yet. People are traveling to visit family in December, they won’t budget for this. Adkison has already announced that the con will be scheduled in November in 2005, which isn’t a lot better in my opinion.

  4. I agree about Nov. Every retailer at the show I talked to said they would prefer Jan or Feb…mainly cause Feb is 6 months before or after Gencon Indy (depending on how you wish to look at it.)

  5. But then GenCon SoCal will be the first GenCon event of the year, every year (if held in Jan or Feb). Should the first event be THE major event?

  6. Everyone’s always going to know which Gen Con is the major one, no matter when the others take place. How could they not?

  7. Uh, yeah, I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think people have this rule in their heads that says “first Gen Con of the year = biggest and most important,” therefore I don’t think moving SoCal to a better time would confuse things.

  8. Agreed…with attendence of 5k, So Cal could hardly be considered “the biggest, or the major one” compared to Indy’s 20k+ anyway….

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