*snrt* I’m awake!

December 16th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
*snrt* I’m awake!

Right, so, Allan’s been at the other Gen Con and now he’s at the other thing in Anaheim and we haven’t been posting really. Apparently the only news from the show is that a bunch of retailers and publishers are kinda pissed off. That, and some computer game stuff: Blizzard chose the show to unveil a bunch of details on World of WarCraft, which has a good shot at being the next fantasy online game of choice in my opinion. You’ll just have to have hardware that could arm wrestle RoboCop to run the thing, is all.

We aim to have our last 12 Games Of list for you in the next couple days. Don’t worry, it’s the PDF list; downloadables mean you don’t have to budget much shopping time.


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