Mean Streets get more crowded

Deep7 wants to tell you about some of its new friends in Usual Suspects, a new PDF supplement for Mean Streets. More than twenty new friends, actually, all detailed enough to become ongoing characters in your film noir campaign. At $3.95, I’d pick up a copy just on the off chance I’ll need one of the “more eccentric characters, such as trawler captains, antique dealers and nightclub waitresses.” And since all the proceeds from Usual Suspects will go to The American Cancer Society, you can contribute to the greater good while you equip yourself for more gaming.

Deep7 press release follows:

Casting Call for Deep7’s Mean Streets: The RPG of Classic Film Noir

Usual Suspects contains more than 20 NPC characters that are about as
diverse as the Hollywood actors of the 1940s who portrayed them. Inside, you’ll find all the favorite noir standbys right alongside more eccentric characters, such as trawler captains, antique dealers and nightclub waitresses. They come complete with XPG stats, personal backgrounds and GM advice on how to portray and use each character in a film noir campaign.

But Usual Suspects isn’t just a sourcebook of NPCs that GMs can use when they need another villain of the week or someone to fill the role of the ubiquitous femme fatale. Rather, these are fully detailed protagonists and supporting characters worthy of even the most Machiavellian film noir mystery, which GMs can use to spur entire adventures or to serve as an ongoing thorn in the player characters’ side. Much like their film counterparts, the characters in this sourcebook are intricate personas, each with their own desires, needs and schemes. The Johnny Cairos to your characters’ Sam Spades, if you will.

Usual Suspects is the result of volunteer efforts from several notable Deep7 freelancers, who donated their time and talents toward a worthy goal -proceeds from the book will be donated to The American Cancer Society on behalf of Deep7’s Business Director, Samantha Downing, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2002.

The PDF sourcebook retails for $3.95 and is available from Deep7’s web site at