D&D Minis go Huge in June

The price increase on Expansion Packs of D&D Miniatures didn’t come to pass, thankfully. At least, not yet. The Archfiends set releasing next month will still carry the MSRP of $9.99 per box, but the price will go up with the Giants of Legends set in June. Perhaps in an effort to justify the cost increase, the June expansion will not only offer regular Expansion Packs (at the new price of $12.99), but “Huge Packs” as well for $19.99. Huge Packs will have 8 randomized minis, plus one huge one. How huge is huge? Try up to 8 inches tall (watch your back, Galactus). Expect dragons and giants to be the big figures of the set. The whole Giants of Legends set will have 72 figures, 12 of which are big boys. But will the Huge Packs still say D&D Miniatures on the box, or would D&D Action Figures be more appropriate? [UPDATE: There’s been confusion over the number of figures in the Huge Packs. It seems the actual total is 8 regular figures and one huge one.]


  1. The price increase seems inevitable, and I have found use for many of the figs in my RPG games, though I have little interest in the actual game as intended, but I have always wondered why some company didn’t try to market prepainted miniatures of some sort. True, it’s better to customize your own and metal figs are better detailed, but still they can be handy for NPCs or groups of figs, like town guard or a troop of orcs.

  2. I would definitely buy into the prepainted plastic figs, just for use in my tabletop games – except that I want to know what I’m getting. Aren’t all these fig “expansions” still random-draw, like buying a pack of Magic cards? Utter tripe if you ask me. I don’t want to buy five boxes just to be assured of having a couple of orc warriors, or whatever.

  3. I think you’re going to see the first Harbinger expansion go way up in value once these others come out since they are not making anymore Harbinger and most places (except eBay of course) are sold out!

  4. I agree with Starhawk, I am not interested in the collectability of the figures, I want to use them, and the randomness, although a sure cashflow generator, is a pain; although like Blah mentions, you can pick and choose on ebay, though you again will be forced into the collectible scenario and overpay for some figs. THAT’S when the metal figures come into play, I guess- rather than drop $7 for a spider you can get a couple from Reaper and paint ’em up. Situations like that are when the metals minis make sense.
    I have seen some gaming stores that break open the boxes and sell the minis individually, one store I know keeps the prices pretty low as well.

  5. Allan, you have the wrong information on the packaging. Giants of Legend will be sold in a single “Huge” pack, 1 Huge + 8 normal miniatures.

    This has been confirmed by Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer, a few days ago: see here

    Wizards have some severe problems in getting this information to their PR arm, it seems – I’m sure the price on their website” for these packs is wrong. ($9.99 each? I wish!)


  6. Yeah, I’ve been seeing the problems with the various arms of WotC communicating myself. Seems a mistake was made somewhere along the PR path, and I got the wrong numbers. Even got them confirmed by WotC. Well, I guess if they can’t get it right, I can’t be expected to either. *shrug*

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