MLB SportsClix hits stores

February 25th, 2004: Allan Sugarbaker says...
MLB SportsClix hits stores

The much-hyped MLB SportsClix becomes available today, and begins its true test to see how well it can sell. While the baseball miniatures’ stats are based directly on the previous MLB season’s official stats for each player, I haven’t found many HeroClix or Mage Knight fans that are anxious to play the new game. In fact, I overheard a WizKids Envoy (their “official” demo guys) who had seen MLB SportsClix already saying how little he liked it. But that seems to fit with WizKids’ strategy of not cannibalizing the fanbase of their other titles to make new titles successful. The idea is to get new fans, not just make the old fans happy. To each customer his own, and if WizKids can find hordes of new customers amongst the vast legions of sports fans, more power to ’em.


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