GTS Day 1 press wrap-up

Looks like Duel Masters will be giving MtG’s Darksteel some competition in the new Origins Awards category, “Stupidest Name for a CCG Expansion.” Elsewhere in the WotC press dinner for non-D&D properties, a release date is announced for the GI JOE TCG (should be ready for Gen Con), and you sort of get to see the . Thanks to GR’s squad for taking all those possibly-illegal photos. We’d have taken some ourselves, but you people are too cheap to buy us nice things like digital cameras via that PayPal link. Ha!

Also, it appears that the is that there isn’t any. News, I mean; they’re still having the show. In fact, they say they are going “narrow but deep” (ewwww) and refocusing on gaming, and if that means that woman isn’t going to sing, then I say pop the champagne!