Blackmoor revival finally underway

When I read the press release headline, I was hoping WotC had struck some kind of deal with that biker bar in the Mission District, but alas, no: D&D creator Dave Arneson’s new-ish company has announced a licensing agreement with WotC that will return Arneson’s Blackmoor campaign world to print, and possibly to PC screens if the other half of Zeitgeist’s mission statement bears fruit. Negotiations about the licensing have been going on for some time now, but it seems the core book will finally be out this fall.


  1. I may be wrong, but wasn’t Goodman Games supposed to publish Arneson’s Blackmoor campaign setting?

  2. AFAIK, Zeitgeist Games is Dave Arneson’s company, and will be the designers and producers of BLACKMOOR. Goodman Games is their publishing partner (the folk who will foot the bill for printing and distributing).

  3. Essentially it seems probable that the “licensing” with WotC will be along the same lines as Kenzer’s Kalimar material – basically giving them the right to slap the D&D logo on the cover.

    Thats my guess anyway.

  4. Dai: yes, Goodman Games will be the publisher for Blackmoor, unless the situation has changed recently. Dustin of Zeitgeist is usually at the Goodman Games booth at the big conventions. James: I don’t know if WotC will have the D&D logo on the cover, as that would really be more benefit to Goodman and Zeitgeist than WotC. There’s still some publishers in the industry that are annoyed with how Kalamar got to have the official D&D logo.

  5. Why should they be annoyed? In addition to acquiring exclusive permission to use 1e and 2e copyrighted material for use with the HACKMASTER product line, and an exclusive agreement to have a D&D trademarked logo slapped on their KALAMAR product line, Kenzer & Co are paying off WotC with a lion’s share of their sales. Are other publishers annoyed at AEG for getting the ORIENTAL ADVENTURES trademarked logo slapped on their ROKUGAN product line?

  6. Other competing D&D products with an oriental setting aren’t around. And you can’t tell me that Kalamar doesn’t get significantly increased sales from being “official D&D”.

  7. Okay, folks, reality calling on line 2: Dave Arneson created and published Blackmoor material for the first time when? When he was a TSR employee. This means that the licensing deal was to get the right to publish his own creation back from the new owners of TSR’s intellectual property. If you want to have a fight about D&D logo placement, fine, but it more than likely has absolutely nothing to do with Arneson, Zeitgeist, or Blackmoor.

  8. Oh, they’re getting increased sale for the D&D logo on their products, perhaps to Kenzer & Co. it is worth having despite the royalty payments to WotC.

  9. I was looking over the original Blackmoor suppliment the other day…great stuff. I wonder just how much of the original material will remain. it should be interestingto see. I’ll have to reserve judgement until I lay my hands on the actual ptoduct.

  10. I’ve seen some of the artwork from the upcoming Blackmoor setting. Should be a great looking book.

  11. Jeff, do you think Dave Arneson will change things that he didn’t like when it came out as a TSR product? Or are you concerned something will be lost in translation or adaptation to d20?

  12. More the latter Dai; I am a huge fan of the original and realize that the game has evolved from when I first started playing in 1976.I think that things Dave wanted to include or change should be included or change, I am just uncomfortable with the translation to d20. I guess I’m just an old greybeard player thinking about the days I used to walk 10 miles in the snow to play, uphill both ways.

  13. Jeff, just to hear the name Blackmoor and to hear you talk about walking 10 miles uphill to play makes me wax nostalgic. Those three flimsy little books transported me to many different worlds. Now all the fancy art and wrappings doesn’t even come close. Oh well….

  14. My sentiments exactly Morgan. I miss the artwork of Trampier, Arneson and Willingham;Even though it was black & white it still had a certain feel to it I can’t explain. That’s why I have been playing Hackmaster for some time, it evokes some of the feel of the old days, and I have even pulled out the ole’ village of Hommlet…

  15. Hi, I’m looking for David Trampier. I am Craig Trampier’s wife. I’d like to meet you. If you get this please respond. I love your work.

  16. Hi, I’m looking for David Trampier. I am Craig Trampier’s wife. I’d like to meet you. If you get this please respond. I love your work.

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