Gary Gygax suffers stroke, recovering

According to a post by Eric Noah on the forums over at ENWorld, Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, is not in the best of health. Sure, he’s been chain-smoking for years, but that’s not the main problem; the stroke he suffered on April 1st is the problem. Gary is recovering now, and we wish him and his family the best. And next time, I advise him to keep his Cloak of Protection on (sorry, couldn’t resist).


  1. That’s in awful taste. Just awful. I lost my uncle to a stroke not too long ago– there’s nothing, *nothing* funny about it.

    Besides, a cloak of protection only offers an AC bonus, which wouldn’t provide any additional protection against a mind-affecting attack like a stroke. And don’t think a periapt of proof against blood-clots is going to help either— didn’t for my uncle, at least.

  2. Please don’t misunderstand. I’ve had relatives and older friends who’ve suffered strokes, and I see nothing funny about them. They’re awful, difficult events that can sometimes be insurmountable, health-wise. I also like Gary, have met him a few times, and hope that he’d understand my intentions, considering how willing he was to poke fun at himself in his Futurama guest appearance and such. With the joke, I was merely trying to lighten the mood of a distressing story. Also, I may be misremembering, but I thought a Cloak of Protection provided a saving throw bonus, which in an RPG session might help. If I’ve offended anyone, that was certainly not what I set out to do, and I apologize.

  3. Actually, I wasn’t offended at all– hell, I actually don’t even know anyone (let alone an uncle) who’s had a stroke. I was just joking around…

  4. That’s what I get for replying on very little sleep… Never mind, then. 🙂

  5. I would like to meet Gary Gygax! I have not played any of his games or read his books nor have his imagination. I do have something in common in that I have designed a new board game and hoped he could point me in the right direction. I live in Clinton,WI. I think he used to live near the village in Fox Hollow when he was married to his x wife Mary who ran a exersize place in down town Clinton that my wife went to. I have a prototype that I’ve spent $1000 on to produce, but can’t get any one to even look at it. And “no” I haven’t quit my day job! I would just like to talk with him about what to do next or maybe he knows someone to get in touch with. Most, if not all; the Big Game Companies will only deal with employee ideas. Several people who have played my game would like to buy it, but first I need to find someone to even look at it. The name of my game is “Captiv8”. I went to a Patent Attourney and got a Provisional Patent. Can Mr. Gygax Please help me. Thank You, Bill Huber 608-676-4225 Evenings

  6. Praise to GG and for him bringing a new dimension into the world. I think RPG’s and the thinking of RPG is going to become the new ways of communication, problem-solving and recreational “highs” of the future even among the mainstream of this world.

    Just like Bill uber, I would Love to meet Gary Gygax. I already went to Lake Geneva to see the brithplace if D&D, went to the old basement warehouse where it all started and I could sort of sense the spirits of D&D still being present there..

    Mr. Gygax, I wish you all the best with your recovery and something tells me, I will be seeing you before this year ends somewhere.


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