Take that wave motion protoculture to warp factor 8, Ensign!

That… actually sounds pretty dirty. But anyway, my eye was caught by the entry in this game’s FAQ claiming that it “splits the difference” between a roleplaying game and a board game. Battlestations is a starship combat adventure game in which every ship action – firing the main guns, heaving to starboard, you name it – must be taken by a character. I love it when simulationist twists like that hold so much promise for stories… but then, I guess it’s equally possible that this could get really tedious in the hands of the wrong GM. It’s from a brand new company, so who knows about production values (although it looks like you could profitably combine their starship boards with the ones from Sucking Vacuum). I’ll be peeping this scene out at Origins.

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  1. I saw this at GTS. Looks really promising, and production value seemed reasonably good. The box was packed with game components, making it HEAVY. I’ll be watching for this one too.

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