Game that is still not <i>Pokemon</i> resembles it slightly more

Those of you with s already know that it’s the only device resembling a contemporary “game console” that the busy, thinking adult needs to own. Thanks to its portability and plentiful array of high-caliber turn-based games, it’s one of the best things a gamer can do with time that’s otherwise unusable. But you might not know that all 120 cards in the first set of WotC’s Magic-lite-done-right CCG Duel Masters (plus another 60 or so from the first expansion) are available to be played with in Duel Masters: Sempai Legends, a GBA version of the game (with “RPG elements,” meaning you control a guy that walks around). If you hate the expense and randomness of CCGs but still fiend for the days when Magic was simple, give a shot to the, um, lower expense and randomness, and competent single-player AI, of this version.