Nobly going where others have gone

Now entering the noble field of – um, nobles, is Mongoose Publishing‘s Quintessential Aristocrat. How will it compare to The Noble’s Handbook and other d20 products on the subject? Go pick up the 3.3 MB pdf for $10, and have a look.

Text of Mongoose Publishing press release follows:

The all-new Quintessential Aristocrat is available for download now at;

This is a book I have been wanting to complete for quite some time – after
all, the Aristocrat class never seems to get a proper look-in. After this
Quintessential, I promise, you will even consider it for player characters!

All the usual Quintessential suspects are there for you to fine tune your
Aristocrat, from character concepts to prestige classes – whether he is a
Lord in a major city or an Orc Chieftain looking for some more charismatic
powers, there is something for every Aristocrat here.

Tricks of the Trade will give you solid rules for conducting negotiations,
bribery, education, family heraldry, and new uses for old skills. There are
lists of clothing that marks position and status (important to any
Aristocrat), guidelines on upper class diversions and games, and
affiliations to land and organisations that will give an Aristocrat true
prestige in a campaign and immediately make him more than a secondary
character class.

Status and Titles are covered in fine detail, and the book winds up with the
building of a Manor, the true homestead of any Aristocrat.

All in all, a fine introduction into the options available to this character

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing


  1. Hi – this is the author. Thanks for the mention.

    Just wanted to point out that I wrote this book actually last summer, and so it was finished before “The Noble’s Handbook” from Green Ronin came out in November 2003. It just didn’t get published right away – Mongoose puts out a LOT of material and so this one got a little behind in editting and layout. However, I think you’ll find it sufficiently different from the other Noble-type books that are out on the market.

  2. That long of a lag time between writing and publishing? Wow. Well, I’ll be interested to see how this one differs from the rest.

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