1. Is this actually for real? I couldn’t find it at WOTC…. It’s a joke right?

  2. It’s no joke… and rampant drug use at WotC?… Well, I’ve heard things before the buyout (and we all know that buyouts never erase vestiges of the old guard) 🙂

  3. I don’t see this as stupid or crazy. I think it is quite smart. Doesn’t every kid in elementary school play marbles? I remember how fascinated we were when a kid brought a new kind of marble to school that none of us had seen before.

    I sucked at marbles, but still had fun. WotC may have a winner if this is done right. I only wish I’d thought of it.


  4. Played marbles? No, never played marbles. Gotten into huge marble wars with friends, in which large numbers of small glass globes where hurled at one another across the living room? Yep, done that.

    Of course, the chances that we’d actually have *played* marbles would have increased if anyone had told us what the rules were…

  5. Nope. Sorry. No marbles. I think that was several generation gaps back. Why would you want to play with little glass balls (other than to throw them at your friends and enemies) when you’ve got a videogame console and cable TV?

  6. Having an 11 year old in school, I can tell you that in our particular geographic area, Marbles are not played in his school. He has some marbles I got for him a few years back, and he was interested in them in that “these are kinda cool” way…but never interested enough to do anything with them. Kids in his school discuss playstation/xbox strageies by the hour, or engage in sports activities. In some ways, I do see this as being cleaver on Wotc’s part. It’s really just taking an old game, and putting a new wrapper around it. In truth, if they can get kids interested in an old tradional game like Marbles, by making it hip and collectable, fine by me. My store will certainly be ordering some…

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