Warhammer Online pulls the plug

Games Workshop might have read the latest post on Greg Costikyan’s site, or maybe reality finally set in. Either way, as ICv2 reports, the Warhammer MMORPG has been called off. The website has the following announcement:

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to inform the community that we have decided to discontinue the development of Warhammer Online and will be closing down this website with immediate effect.

This has been a difficult and painful decision but it was taken following a following a full review of the progress of the game, costs to date and future costs of the project. As a result both Games Workshop and Climax Development Limited, the computer games developer, have agreed to terminate the development project.

I would like to say a personal thanks to all of the people who have followed our development over the last few years, your constant support and enthusiasm has meant a great deal to us.

Robin Dews

These days, when I hear folks in the game industry talk about insane ventures, launching either a CCG or a MMORPG are both regarded as crazy talk.


  1. I was actually looking forward to that game… looks like I’ll have to content myself with EQ2 instead. Oh, well.

  2. MMORPGs actually have quite a bit of upside if you do them right, but doing them right takes money… and as that Costikyan link explicates, it is incredibly stupid to do one that’s similar to EQ.

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