Origins Awards winners, Diana Jones Award shortlist

We got ’em – a couple were missed initially due to lack of visual aids and fleeting moments of disgust, but we should be all set now. Here’s how it went down:

Historical Minis RulesEl Cid, Warhammer Historical Wargames
Historical Minis Series28mm Ancient Celts, Renegade Miniatures
Abstract Board GameZendo, Looney Labs
Historical Board GameAttack! , Eagle Games
Traditional Board GameA Game of Thrones, Fantasy Flight
Board Game ExpansionZombies 3: Mallwalkers, Twilight Creations
Graphic Design of a Board GameA Game of Thrones, FFG
Gamer’s Choice Board GameA Game of Thrones, FFG
Gamer’s Choice Historical Board GameSettlers of the Stone Age, Mayfair Games
RPGAngel, Eden Studios
RPG AdventureBlack Sails Over Freeport, Green Ronin
RPG SupplementRedhurst Academy of Magic, Human Head
RPG Graphic DesignRedhurst Academy of Magic, Human Head
Gamer’s Choice RPGSavage Worlds, Pinnacle
Gamer’s Choice Play-By-MailMiddle Earth Play By Mail, GSI
AccessoryMK Dungeons 3D Tiles, WizKids
Gamer’s Choice AccessoryBag o’ Zombies, Twilight Creations
Long FictionThe Book of Final Flesh, Eden Studios
Short Fiction – “Podo and the Magic Shield,” Mage Knight, WizKids
Graphic Fiction – “Everybody Loves Gilly,” Snapdragons, Dork Storm
PeriodicalDragon, Paizo Publishing
Gamer’s Choice PeriodicalKnights of the Dinner Table, Kenzer & Co.
Gamer’s Choice Electronic ProductPyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games
Traditional Card GameBang!, Mayfair
Card Game Graphic DesignBang!, Mayfair
Trading Card Game.hack//ENEMY, Decipher
Card Game ExpansionA Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire, FFG
Gamer’s Choice Card GameMunchkin Fu, Steve Jackson Games
Fantasy Minis RulesWarmachine, Privateer Press
Fantasy Minis SeriesWarmachine, Privateer Press
Science Fiction Minis RulesShadowrun Duels, WizKids
Science Fiction Minis SeriesMechWarrior: Liao Incursion, WizKids
Minis Accessory/Terrain: MechWarrior Dropship, WizKids
Gamer’s Choice Minis: Warmachine, Privateer Press
Game of the Year: Indy HeroClix, WizKids

Feel free to join us in saying WTF below, or celebrating your favorite’s victory. There were also some Hall of Fame inductees, in the form of two games and six folks:

Squad Leader
Warhammer 40K
Ed Greenwood
Larry Bond
Loren Wiseman
Bob Charrette
Reiner Knizia
Klaus Teuber

Oh yeah – Matt Forbeck used some of his stage time as presenter to announce the short list for the Diana Jones Award to be awarded at Gen Con. And they are:

My Life With Master
Savage Worlds
The Scandinavian gaming scene
True Dungeon


  1. Once again I see that the Origins Awards fail to live up their aim of recognising all that is best in gaming.

    I just hope that Paul Czege’s My Life With Master will be properly recognised by the Diana Jones Award.

  2. The industry awards seem more on target than the gamer awards sometimes, and less on target other times. I think it’s clear that the problem is still the nomination process.

  3. Um….Indy Clix…remember what I said in my post a couple weeks back? I rest my case your Honor…

  4. Savage Worlds. Best gaming dollars I ever spent.

    Congrats to the great folks at Pinnacle!

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