Origins 2004: back to the corners

Well, I guess not the corners exactly. Social Games, having recently launched one of the only new CCGs that’s at all gamer-y, is pretty findable. They have a whole new card set, Cyberpunk 2020, and were kind enough to give me some boosters. We’ve played a fair amound of the 2013 set, and it’s good and solid, although, as I think I’ve said, awfully 1993 in theme.

I’m seeing some new starship combat games, which is nice. These guys have a game called Arclight which looks nice and simple and comes with the whole game on CD, so you can print out whatever you need without the demoralizing trip to Kinko’s. The guys doing Battlestations are indeed here, but it turns out not to really be a roleplaying game even halfway – it’s more of a mission-based tactical board game with XP. Or something.

Mongoose’s presence here seems unusually small, and minis-oriented. They have a nice little B5 starship that’s exclusive to this show and Gen Con, and they have Mighty Armies – a fantasy miniatures game that’s atypical for being 15mm scale instead of the 28mm you and I and that guy over there are used to. One $25 box comes with a pretty decent-sized squad of barbarians and/or orcs. It’ll be interesting to see how this one fares in the increasingly-crowded field of skirmish minis.


  1. Damn! Just as much as people complain about games converted over to d20, I could use the same argument games going over to TCG. FYI, I’m anti TCG, CCG, and whatever card games except poker, blackjack, baccarat, and rummy.

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