Gaming mag Games Elite launching in August

Hoping to fill the void left by Games Unplugged, Shadis, and so many other now-dead gaming publications, Games Elite was announced today. Planned for an August release, the bi-monthly magazine will cover just about anything related to “the gaming world and culture.” The first issue will be handed out at Gen Con Indy, but will also sell for $2.95 for those not fortunate enough to be attending the big show.

Text of Games Elite press release follows:

New Publication to Celebrate the Adventure Gaming Lifestyle

JACKSONVILLE, FL – July, 6, 2004 – For the enthusiasts who know adventure gaming is more than just rolling dice or shuffling cards, now there is Games Elite, a new bi-monthly publication dedicated to the very best games, personalities, and the players who play them.

Among the features presented in Games Elite’s August 2004 debut issue are “Top Grrlz,” an insight into the ‘alpha gamer girls’ phenomenon, and “Games of the Rising Sun,” highlighting the Japanese gaming scene and its ‘ichiban’ role-playing games. Edited by Tony Lee, former editor of the Origins Awards-nominated Games Unplugged magazine and an industry professional for more than seven years, Games Elite promises a unique, fresh perspective of the gaming world and culture.

“We are gamers, we should be proud of that,” said Lee from the publication’s editorial office in Redondo Beach, California. “Games Elite will showcase the hobby’s ‘cool side.’ From the joy of all-night gaming to the thrilling rush of victory, the exciting products and their star designers to the tournament kingpins and that genius gamemaster next door, you’ll find anything and everything that rocks about gaming in between the covers.”

In addition, over two dozen adventure gaming products from all categories are reviewed in every issue, arming hobbyists with information on hot releases such as the Marvel Trading Card Game (Upper Deck Entertainment), Heroes Incorporated (Quest Machine), S.W.A.T. Team figurines (Noble Miniatures), and The Highwayman, the latest in the Corona series by the best-selling novelist, R.A. Salvatore. “Games People Play” features reports of memorable game sessions and interesting campaigns that cover the full gamut from role-playing to board gaming to miniatures, some coming from the designers and head honchos themselves. All of the above, plus news, opinions, profiles, ‘Top 10 Lists,’ and more will be available for a cover price of $2.95 per issue, starting August 2004.

Copies of Games Elite #1 will be given away to gamers attending Gen Con Indy from August 19-22. If you’re going, don’t miss yours!

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