We represent the Blood-of-the-innocent Guild, the Blood-of-the-innocent Guild…

Just when you thought the Munchkin money machine couldn’t roll on any further without making an illegal U-turn, Steve Jackson Games announces Munchkin Bites!, a swing at the World of Darkness (or whatever they’re calling it now) that may or may not re-introduce (ahem) some jokes from Chez Goth. Like all the other standalone Munchkin expansions, this Munchkin expansion will… stand… alone… yeah. Hits in October, of course.


  1. Some day, Steve Jackson games will release something original, that is not a ripoff or parody of someone else’s work. I’m not holding my breath for it, however.

  2. Steve Jackson Games has released a great deal of games that are not ripoffs or parodies.

    However, if Munchkin and it’s sequels and expansions would quit flying off the shelves, SJG might stop making games like it.

    Just a few original games by SJG, for those that don’t know. Illuminati, Car Wars, Ogre, GURPS (although some may point to The Fantasy Trip which Steve wrote), Transhuman Space (which is a rich and unparallelled game world), Chez Geek (and it’s offspring), Toon… and I could go on. Some of their success has been to poke fun at the gaming industry and, obviously, that’s something that gamers like.

    Just my 25 cents worth.

    N. Dymes

  3. I’m kind of on the fence between the two previous posters. For “surlygamer” I’ll mention that I played Illuminati: Crime Lords recently and was impressed by how good it was. They’ve taken the Illuminati mechanics and tightened them up just a bit; it was rather smooth.

    Granted that it, like many SJ boardgames, gets really cutthroat / gang-up-on the-guy-trying-to-win at the end. That might not be your thing. Other than that, it’s very enjoyable.

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