The kimono finally lifts on Doom board game

This interview with FFG’s Kevin Wilson over at one o’ them video-game sites reveals that, no, Doom: the Boardgame will not in fact be much like Frag. He describes it as “a cross between Heroquest and Space Hulk.” Not only will play be scenario-based like the WarCraft board game, but one player will play the baddies, which will actually involve reading out “short bits of descriptive text … at key moments.” That’s the closest I’ve seen a board game of the one-player-against-the-rest type hew to the D&D model in a while. Also, the cyberdemon figures are 3 inches tall. Think spawning one of those will get their attention? Yeah, maybe! This is still scheduled to hit in late fall.

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  1. Sounds to me a lot like the “Siege of the Citadel” boardgame based on Mutant Chronicles/Warzone, which is a good thing. 🙂

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