Brigands, bazaars, and the king of the old school

August 11th, 2004: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Brigands, bazaars, and the king of the old school

A replication of the germinal proto-electronic board game Dark Tower, executed entirely in Flash, playable in your browser by one to four players. Featuring original box art and sounds. I’m going to go ahead and say it: it is perfect. You owe us a drink for finding you this one.



  1. Zoltan Grose says:

    Awesome. First round on me.

  2. Starhawk says:

    Stumbled across this a year ago; does this mean you owe ME a drink?

  3. Dave Nadig says:

    Extremely cool – too bad the game is just as wrote and lame as it was when I was 12….

  4. misuba says:

    Starhawk: it means we get free hits on you for not telling us. Any other questions, we’ll be at the bar.

  5. beeber says:

    couple of rounds on me–now i don’t have to spend all that money on ebay!

  6. Allan Sugarbaker says:

    Heresy, Dave! Bite your tongue. 🙂 The same frustration at the Bazaar guy not wanting to haggle, the same desperate fight to gather and feed a small army for long enough to gather the tower keys, unlock the door, and challenge the tower’s defenders… an excellent adaptation of a great, old-school electronic game.

  7. Direct2Video says:

    Hear, hear! =) My recall of the rules & such is pretty fuzzy, but I still remember my first (and ONLY) victory over the tower’s guardians back in the day. I was going to high school in Illinois at the time, and my friend Al (no relation 😉 has just gotten the game for his birthday. It was the very first time he’d set it up to play. *rueful chuckle* My sympathy for beating him at his own game lasted only as long as it took me to lose the next THREE games in a row! *grin*

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