Star Sisterz unleashed, no longer just Limited

ICv2 warns of the news that Star Sisterz is busting out of the joint it was originally sold in (that being the Limited Too store chain in malls). Wizards of the Coast is taking the collectible charm game mass market this fall, attempting to reach more young girls who don’t quite know they’re gamers yet. Unless a few months of exclusivity were part of the deal to get into Limited Too, I don’t see the logic behind this deployment strategy at all. “Let’s make sure that only part of the target audience sees the game, ‘cuz that’s sure to make it a success.” … wait, what?

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  1. The idea may have been to get the game in the hands of a few to stimulate desire by word of mouth in the rest of them. People want what they can’t have (as easily). Of course, this would work better if they were absolutely sure the game would catch fire in the target market; given that nobody is (or should be) that sure, it does seem strange.

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