Dungeons & Dragons Online details

Here’s the World War I flying ace with a summary of some devs from Turbine pimping their MMPORPG in progress. The game will be set in the Eberron setting and feature heavy character customization. It sounds as if these folks have a sincere desire to get the feel of this game right; they’re really focusing on combat, and on making it involve a little more skill and interest than other fantasy online games have done. It’s not gonna be twitch, but it’s not gonna be EverQuest-style sit-there-and-click. I am still unconvinced that D&D Online can find a market niche once World of WarCraft is out there, but I no longer think it’s going to suck. Then again, the hard-fought efforts of smart people have sucked before.


  1. I find it really interesting that they are treading into some fairly saturated ground. Warhammer Online was pulled for that very reason. be interesting to follow this one. Heck, I like Eberron so much, that if I had a PC I would consider giving it a shot for a month or so…

  2. Sounds like it smacks of NWN styled design. I was very disappointed… the hype that was generated set me afire with excitement just to be let down by the actual game. Being a person who has been playing around 25 years with Dungeons and Dragons. I just can’t believe that a programmed game can give the creative freeness generated by a pen and paper game. And just because it has “cool” graphics means very little to the vast expanse of my imagination. I think that a expandable tool set to help a DM a engineer game could be far more enticing for the pen and paper addict.

  3. Well, I think most folks would agree WotC/Hasbro likely has far greater resources (i.e. money) to throw at this project than GW did for theirs. While I was also disappointed in the whole NWN phenomenon (or would that be fiasco?), there are a LOT of gamers out there who think the ONLY way to play D&D is with a gamepad clenched in their mitts… a trend which, sadly, may never be reversed. Still, Star Wars Galaxies was supposed to be the “end all, be all” of MMORPGs and we all know how THAT claim panned out. And I think it’s safe to say LucasArts has a lot more money than either GamesWorkshop OR Wotc/Hasbro, n’est pas?

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