Live at Gen Con ’04: OgreCave T-shirt Throwdown – Three

There is one day left in the ultimate OgreCave t-shirt throwdown! By the middle of the day tomorrow, one of us will be going home with the championship belt while the other will be taking the walk of shame!

Today was our last full day at the convention. I spent it frantically photographing anything remotely interesting to us. The crowds and costumes were in full swing and presented a lot of really good photo opportunities. We were also able to visit the art show and saw beautiful works of art by the likes of Rebecca Guay, Ben Thompson and Mark Zug.

Allan, the slacker boy that he is, has found no new shirts since the beginning of the convention. He is stuck at six shirts. In the meantime, I was able to close the gap to within one shirt. The official tally as of the end of Saturday: six shirts for the poseur t-shirt collector, five shirts for myself. The competition is still close and it could go either way.

Allan and I have decided that the Social Games Cyberpunk CCG t-shirt will not count this year as it was likely that both of us would be able to get one and they would essentially cancel each other out.

Tomorrow we have an early day and a tight schedule. There won’t be a lot of time to waste on scrounging t-shirts. Despite that, I am confident that, in the end, I am going to piledrive Allan with my superior t-shirt collecting power.