Dragonlance is the Key

Sovereign Press has announced that Dragonlance: Key of Destiny has sold out of its entire 5,000 copy print run in just over a month. During these times of slower sales, this is encouraging news, especially for D20 and D&D products. Sovereign Press plans to reprint the adventure module, its first for the Dragonlance setting, in the fall.

Press release from Sovereign Press follows:


August 25, 2004 (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) — Sovereign Press, Inc. is pleased to announce that its first Dragonlance adventure module, Key of Destiny, has sold out. Released in May of 2004, Key of Destiny sold through the initial print run of 5,000 copies in six weeks.

“We’re very excited about how well Key of Destiny has done,” states Jamie Chambers, Vice President of Sovereign Press. “When our warehouse told us we were out, it was a good moment.”

“Christopher Coyle did a great job on this adventure, and we’re glad it has been so well received by fans,” added Margaret Weis, owner of Sovereign Press, Inc. “From what we’re hearing, stores can’t keep it on the shelves. I think this proves that the market for exciting, creative adventures is still out there.”

Key of Destiny is the first in a trilogy of Dragonlance adventures using the revised d20 System rules to be published by Sovereign Press. The trilogy, designed to be run as an entire campaign, allows players to guide their characters from low to high levels while exploring the world of Krynn and working against the schemes of a terrifying villain.

Sovereign Press plans to re-print Key of Destiny in the fall.

About Sovereign Press, Inc.
Sovereign Press, Inc. is a publisher that specializes in bringing the worlds of fantasy fiction and roleplaying games together. Its current lines include Sovereign Stone™, created by artist Larry Elmore, and DragonlanceÆ, published under license from Wizards of the Coast. The company is based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the birthplace of hobby roleplaying games, and is owned and operated by New York Times best-selling author, Margaret Weis.

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  1. I’m just surprised they printed up that many in the first place. Those crazy kids still love them some Dragonlance, I guess.

  2. Incorrect. Smaller print runs are very much the norm these days. The wonders of technology. Look up “print on demand” in Google.

  3. Typical “small press” print runs typically average about 1000 copies. I would have expected about 3000 from Soverign but it looks like they took a gamble and it paid off for them.

  4. Lets hope this is good news for the D20 Sovereign Stone system and that the publishing schedule gets back on track

  5. Huh? What does Sovereign Stone have to do with Dragonlance, other than both products being produced by the same company?

  6. Regarding POD, I always get that confused with e-Book PDF. Mind you, I don’t have a plastic so I don’t online order.

  7. I don’t see why Sovereign Press would put any Dragonlance profits into Sovereign Stone at this point, when it’s clear there’s a lot of pent-up demand for more Dragonlance material.

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